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About us

We are Zobuk Gaming Family, a company of 3 in which

My wife is President, CEO, COO, CFO, General Manager. Her main job is to earn money,  cooking and doing all other housework while asking if I should leave my laptop and start making something useful.

My 3 year olds daughter is Vice President, Director and QA manager. She love to fire me from my work so her doll can take that position and play with my laptop. If you saw any game with strange gameplay or weird title, it is because I failed in an argument with our Director. But we are all experienced working under "boss who know nothing but always giving decision like know everything" so it is ... not a problem.

And I, game creator, designer, programmer, tester, publisher and supporter. 

We are making game.

*        *        *

If you want to make any game, do not hesitate to contact us (you can find the contact somewhere else in this site).  We will make it for you.
And if the idea is funny and you just want give it to everybody for free, I will make it free for you (just do not told my wife)

"Stop playing game and grow up, when you start making some money?" - my wife

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